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Product Owner


Empower teams to deliver value for your business

Enhance collaboration, increase your impact

Product Owner is a fast paced and interactive two-day course that focuses on value-driven product delivery and key agile practices designed to emphasise collaboration and customer value.

On completion of the program, participants will receive an international certificate from ICAgile, a leading body for agile practitioners.

Why Product Owner?

Our course provides you with the practical tools to:

  • Create environments conducive to frequent and transparent collaboration
  • Build high performance teams
  • Communicate with influence
  • Understand value, and how to plan to deliver it

Course overview

What you'll learn...

Day 1

  • Introduction: What is product ownership
  • Theory: The Agile Manifesto
  • Theory: Value management in various agile “flavours”
  • Exercise: Levels of product ownership
  • Activity: Product owner role
  • Exercise: Thinking skills, critical thinking
  • Exercise: Ask the tough questions
  • Activity: Systems thinking, flexibility of thinking
  • Simulation: Bridge, not ferry
  • Activity: Show, don’t tell
  • Activity: Flexibility in communication
  • Simulation: Influence, not power
  • Activity: Standing up for business value
  • Theory: Bridge understanding gaps
  • Activity: Keeper of responsible decisions
  • Workshop: Analyse to determine value
  • Activity: Communicating and defining value
  • Exercise: Articulating value proposition
  • Simulation: Identifying measurable outcomes and goals

Day 2

  • Exercise: Identifying initiative risks and defining cope
  • Activity: Artifacts
  • Exercise: Just enough modeling
  • Activity: Stakeholder analysis
  • Exercise: Modeling to understand
  • Simulation: User needs and habits
  • Activity: Determining and maintaining value
  • Simulation: Creating the delivery roadmap
  • Exercise: Exploring the solution
  • Activity: Defining quality and quality tradeoffs
  • Simulation: Progressive elaboration
  • Exercise: Communicate using examples
  • Simulation: Slicing and chopping
  • Exercise: Be comfortable with ambiguity
  • Theory: Managing artifact change
  • Simulation: Understanding what is doable
  • Exercise: Assessing and validating delivered value
  • Activity: How to give bad news
  • Simulation: Retrospective

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Meet the trainers

A headshot of Ally from Silicon Block

Ally is a UX Design Lead and runs a team of passionate user experience Designers. With over 12 years experience in UX, UI Design, UX Research, Product Design and Service Design she brings an expertise in creating human centered digital experiences. Ally runs a fun and engaging Design Thinking course for Silicon Block.


Allannah has over 10 years in industry working with large organisations in all things digital. She is an experienced agile coach and business process consultant and has been involved in leading large scale agile transformations. She has a background in project management, business operations and digital product design and has successfully built and led multidisciplinary teams.


Hamish is an experienced agile coach and trainer. With over 8 years experience working in digital delivery teams, he draws on his vast experience and uses real world examples to reinforce his lessons. Hamish has worked with various large corporates as an agile project manager and agile product manager.

Head shot of Hattie from Silicon Block

Hattie is an Experience Designer and Design Thinking course facilitator. She’s passionate about utilising data and insights to create experiences which are fluid, functional and with minimalistic aesthetics. Hattie also facilities Design Thinking workshops for younger students wanting to up-skill.


David is a strategic Customer Experience (CX) consultant with over 20 years of industry experience as a creative technologist, designer, developer and process designer. David creates products, services and experiences that resonate with people and allow technology to have a positive impact on their lives.

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